“As you know, immediately prior to her becoming a resident at Haven Court, my Mam had been in hospital for approximately two months and at the point of her discharge, her care needs had become very challenging, including her being very resistant to the provision of care.

“From her arrival, your colleagues demonstrated an obviously sincere and genuine wish to provide my mam with high-quality care in a warm and pleasant environment. Similarly, when visiting my mam, I also felt welcomed and supported. It should also be noted that, without exception, this conclusion has been reiterated to me by those family members who also visited Mam.

“I would like to express our gratitude for all that we witnessed and experienced, therefore please convey my thanks to your colleagues who provided such excellent care throughout the period of my Mam’s stay,

“I hope that the excellent standards that you and your colleagues have established at Haven Court will continue to be provided at the same level to the people of South Tyneside. It is a valuable resource and should be optimised. If I can make any contribution towards this please do not hesitate to contact me.”